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Church Council


Chairperson:  Harry Wheat

Vice-Chairperson:  Steve Watkins

Lay Leader:  Wayne Byrd

Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Faye LaBoone

Treasurer:  Robert Donald

Recording Secretary:  Karen Byrd and/or Carol Ann Norsworthy

Chairperson of Finance:  Jim Sanders

Chairperson of Pastor Parish Relations:  Bobby Fulcher

Chairperson of Trustees:  Edward Kramer

Chairperson of Ministries:  Elaine Read

Sunday School Superintendent:  Oliver Hopkins

Family Ministries Coordinator:  Ann Blackburn

Chairperson of Worship:  Rev. Hiram Coker

President of UMW:  Patsy Smith

Youth Coordinators:  Jaynice & Steven Neely

Youth Fellowship President:  Mallory Holland

Children's Ministry Coordinator:  Cindy Coker

Chairperson of Preschool:  Cheryl Waltman

Chairperson of Memorial Committee:  Rosemary Hopkins

Disaster Response Team Coordinator:  William Read

Membership Secretary:  Elaine Read

Communications/Media Chairperson:  Carrie Holloman

Music Director:  Robby Daniels

Other Members of the Church Board:

Steve Watkins, Glenda Dobbins, Celia Holloman, Glenda Fulcher, Helen Stevens

(Honorary Member:  Charles Davis



"We love Him because He first loved us."
1 John 4:9-10

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